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My sis is my guardian angel. She always did everything at home, for my family, for our parents, so I could run off and explore the world. For 17 years, splitting time with my mom, she was the primary daily caretaker of my bedridden ba (grandmother).

While I was off being a kid and a teenager, my sis went from 11yo to grownup overnight. With a daily list of responsibilities that filled the day, and reset at midnight. It wasn’t until she was approaching 30, when my ba passed away, that she was able to focus on herself. But at that point, life was in full swing.




My sis never had a childhood and she never had the chance to truly focus on herself later in life.

That’s what my Daddy wanted for her more than anything. For her to take that step back, find out how amazing she is, achieve her fullest potential as one of the sincerest and purest and most loving people the world has ever known. They had that discussion in December before my parents left for India, and even in January he was telling her “2018 is your year.”

The power of love, with family and with friends, puts the world’s most powerful force (love) against the most delicate of subjects (human feelings). What my Daddy and my Mumma have always wanted for my sister is what they believe is best for her. It didn’t always work for both sides. For all the mutual want, she never had the space or the opportunity or the impetus to create that space for herself when the world wouldn’t give it to her.

As we search for our “why” around all of this mess, Anu Kiran, I have found one that gives me peace.

May be an image of 2 people and people smiling

Daddy wanted to give you space in a way nobody else in the world could.

The single thing that will make him the happiest (not would, but will, as this is not a past tense appreciation) is reading your note below, and watching you move forward with that torch firmly in hand.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the power and selflessness that the most powerful father/daughter bond I have known for my lifetime, has created.

Godspeed, my angel. Godspeed.

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Watch the video. Nothing else matters. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for these moments captured forever. A mom and a son have an amazing, unique bond that starts immediately. (Right Jake Burle?)

I always tell Anaiya, that when she cries, I hear her right away, through my ears. But there is one person who will always hear her faster. Her mom. Priya carried her in her tummy for 9 months, and therefore always hears her first, because Priya hears her crying through her heart.

These are special bonds. Priya KC Bhatt deserves every one of these memories.

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Most of you all know we just had Diwali. Well today is Bhai Bhij (Dooj for some others). A celebration of the brother/sister relationship. This picture…and the story behind it…nails it. Jaan used his fork by himself for the first time. Speared his tortellini, and got it to his mouth. It was awesome. But NOBODY was more proud than Anaiya who jumped out of her chair when he did it, ran over to him, and gave him this extraordinary hug.

That’s what older sisters do. My sis STILL does this stuff for me. STILL. My mom is one. I grew up with many (even my younger sisters take care of me.) My wife is one. And now….Anaiya is one. She’s got amazing role models and she’s following in amazing footsteps. And Jaan…is all the luckier and better for it.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for this pure and exceptional sibling love.

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LOVE YOU, Disha Sharma Modi

A friend posted this. She’s…wonderful. I think we are coming up on 15 years?

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for every moment. Her post:Certainly, in the most difficult moments of life you realize that there are true friends or people who really appreciate you. 😊 Unfortunately, most friendships will leave you but they will still send you a “like”, but they don’t really take time to read your status if they see it’s long. More than half will stop reading here, or have already moved to the next entry in your feed.😔

I decided to publish this message in support of a very special person for me who had someone very special to them who fought to the end with firmness and energy. Who taught them to live every day as if it were the most beautiful day? Who has filled the world with a beautiful smile and sweet attitude.😇

Cancer is very invasive and destructive to our body, even after the end of treatment, the body is still struggling with itself trying to reconstruct all the damage caused by radiation. 😷It’s a very long process. Please, in honor of a family member or a friend who died, or is still fighting cancer, or even had cancer, but is cured; copy and paste this.🤗

Everyone says, “if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me, I’ll be there to help you.” So, I’m gonna make a bet that most of those who saw this post (maybe even read all the way to the end) would say that, but not really mean it.🤔

You just have to copy (not share) and paste. I would like to know with whom I can count to take a minute of your day and really read my posts 😍 and then write “done” in the comments. Thank you.😘

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TMLFYI… | Mamu

Hi Mamu,

What a great weekend. And thanks for spending your birthday with me. I know you don’t like to talk about your birthday, so let’s make it our little secret? I know we’ll have plenty of those. I also think it’s good for you to start embracing the fact that you won’t be able to say no to me when I want to find a new way to celebrate your birthday. I mean, go ahead and try. Really. It’s going to be adorable to watch.

You are a man of few words, except when you have a lot of them to share, at which point, you become a man of many powerful and interesting words. I learn a lot from your words, so please keep telling me your stories. I’ll always listen. I’m promising you that now in advance of a future Mami (Nani and Nana made me write that!)

There are a lot of great memories formed from this weekend and many more to come (are we going to see fireworks at some point? What ARE those but they sound loud so I plan on crying, and I know everyone’s going to be ok with it.) But the picture below, well, that’s probably my favorite.

Happy Birthday, Mamu. Thanks for bathing me. Thanks for hanging out with me. And thanks for being my Mamu. I’ll cherish this picture for the rest of my life. Maybe we can talk about it that day when you’re walking me down the aisle (that’s what Mamu’s do, right?)

Love you,


PS – What’s an aisle, by the way?

PPS – I know that Nana, Nani, Mom and Dad are going to put this in a frame for you so you can put it at your desk at work. We want to make sure it’s a good frame though and the stuff they found in Martha’s Vineyard was the opposite of classy. And we know you have high standards.



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