Most of you all know we just had Diwali. Well today is Bhai Bhij (Dooj for some others). A celebration of the brother/sister relationship. This picture…and the story behind it…nails it. Jaan used his fork by himself for the first time. Speared his tortellini, and got it to his mouth. It was awesome. But NOBODY was more proud than Anaiya who jumped out of her chair when he did it, ran over to him, and gave him this extraordinary hug.

That’s what older sisters do. My sis STILL does this stuff for me. STILL. My mom is one. I grew up with many (even my younger sisters take care of me.) My wife is one. And now….Anaiya is one. She’s got amazing role models and she’s following in amazing footsteps. And Jaan…is all the luckier and better for it.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for this pure and exceptional sibling love.

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