When we think back on March of last year lots of things come to mind. One of the most powerful symbols, outside of a lifetime of toilet paper anxiety, will be hand sanitizer.

We got this jug delivered a year ago. At the time I wasn’t sure how long it would carry us. So I bought materials to make disinfecting sprays for various surfaces and things we’d use around and in the house as well.

We were lucky.

Today, the jug is tapped. A symbol of the last year. And symbolic timing for it to run out.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful we got our hands on this and … we got this on our hands. We lugged this thing everywhere and even left it out for delivery folks, neighbors, you name it.

Maybe it was crazy. Maybe it was a momentary respite for folks who came across it.

This empty container is a badge, the emptiness took effort, took work, took consistency. Took effort.

We earned the nothingness in the bottle over the course of the past year.

Which is also why I took great pleasure in smashing it. Cleaning it. Smashing it. And tossing it. There was pleasure when my foot landed on the center of the bottle and stayed and pressed and stood firml until it was near flat.

I smiled.

Good f*cking riddance.

And then I turned. With the next moment. Turned.

And went to the basement and got the other gallon I purchased a year ago.

Because it’s not just a symbol of what’s passed, it is a symbol of what fight and vigilance still remains.

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