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A sincere and humbled thank you to the full team at StartCon in Sydney. Minute-by-minute one of the best business conference experiences I’ve had. Professional. Powerful. And humbling. Thanks for giving me some time and space to share our emerging message at Crazy Egg: to grow any relationship, at work, at home, anywhere … pay attention to who’s paying attention, find inspiration, and do something about it.

The StartCon team did precisely that. And I believe all attendees will walk away from the days together feeling better for the time spent and attention paid. Until next year…

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for ya.(And for all the kind words and feedback.)

Special thanks to Ben Zeidler and Gunny Scarfo and the team at Nonfiction Research for going out of their way to get me some data for our story.

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Yesterday, our Dad became a star. There’s still a lifetime of things to say, but here is step 1… Today I fly to India to join the strongest person I know, my mom, and a community of friends and family, to help the world say goodbye to his body. His light. His love. His spirit. His crappy jokes. His absolute moral perfection and purity.

Those will live on forever. Envelop us from moment-to-moment. Protect us. Remind us. Break us but only momentarily. Because his strength and resilience are also with us forever.

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#iamgrateful and #iamthankful to have called you Daddy for 42 years, and now, to close my eyes, or to look at the sky, or to look at your grandkids, and be reminded and fully inspired to do the same.


I will see your body soon. I will do my best to live in a way that makes you proud and is worthy of your legacy. See you soon, Daddy. You’d be proud and brought to tears if you heard Anaiya explain her love for you, and, how she knows you’ll always be with us. I’ll whisper it in your ear when I see you. ❤

Also, go Eagles. You earned this Super Bowl run with a near lifetime of dedicated fandom. 🙂

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Thank you all for your love and support. It’s a testament to the person he will always be and the person my mom is. Send love. Send strength.

Shed no tears. Channel that emotion deeply and powerfully toward the people you love.

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This…is literally all that matters in the world. We look at all the insanity out there and we just try our darnedest to make sense of it. And we can’t. And the problem is…it’s all layers of artifice. Opinions stacked upon interpretations stacked upon assumptions stacked upon baggage.

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Which is why life gets hard.

You know when life gets easy?

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When you watch this video. And you see Anaiya express just precisely how she feels about one of the most important people in her life. One of the two people who her brother was named after. It’s just pure love.

And it brings out the best in my family and it turns my Dad, one of the purest and sincerest people, the person I know whose heart is most always on his sleeve, the person we know who is unfamiliar, downright allergic to formality and artifice…it brings out the best in him and the happiest in him. We were happy to be there for it. Jaan made it pretty far. 🙂 But on the eve of Dad’s Birthday, Anaiya hung out quite late and is about to make her way to bed.Guess who she is sleeping with?Dadaji and Dadaji.Game, set, match. On love and life.#iamgrateful and #iathankful for all of it.

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That’s my sis. Seriously. Look at this pic? Anaiya intently concentrating on the TV. Tito Foi concentrating on Anaiya (specifically, being fed.) That’s how life is with my sis around. Just about everyone I know and think of finds a way to fight for the foreground. Not my sis. She fights to be the canvas upon which the background is drawn, so the foreground can pop. She’s done this for me my entire life. She’s why I have such few expectations of me around the fam (folks love me, this isn’t a pity party, it’s an acknowledgement one). Because she took all the stuff that was necessary and essential and required so I could run off and be an irresponsible and disassociated free spirit. My parents made me who I am. I am who I have become (the good things, the fact that bad stuff exists is my fault in human nature) because my sister sucked up all the weight of life and allowed me to go off and be me.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for my canvas. Thanks for letting me ungracefully hog the foreground. Also, I know this pic is symbolic of you and me. I’m always Anaiya, and you are always you, holding a spoon to my mouth. Happy soon to be bday!

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Umm. Yeah. I do. Because I am a newborn, who entered this crazy world with a drug addiction. This program sounds wonderful. So let’s go ahead and do this: hug it out. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the people with the compassion and intelligence and creativity to come up with programs like this, and for Arti Upadhyay-Patel who shared this so I could see it. Also, let’s keep it real: these hugs heal more than the babies being hugged. Happy Friday, people. Happy. Friday.


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