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A sincere and humbled thank you to the full team at StartCon in Sydney. Minute-by-minute one of the best business conference experiences I’ve had. Professional. Powerful. And humbling. Thanks for giving me some time and space to share our emerging message at Crazy Egg: to grow any relationship, at work, at home, anywhere … pay attention to who’s paying attention, find inspiration, and do something about it.

The StartCon team did precisely that. And I believe all attendees will walk away from the days together feeling better for the time spent and attention paid. Until next year…

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for ya.(And for all the kind words and feedback.)

Special thanks to Ben Zeidler and Gunny Scarfo and the team at Nonfiction Research for going out of their way to get me some data for our story.

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