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Dose 2 for me wasn’t terrible. We all react differently.

A few things that may have helped were:

1) Timing – I targeted mine for 11am, so the 12 hours until side effects typically hit happened when I was sleeping.

2) Be Tired – I worked until 11:15pm the night before and by the time I got to bed it was 1am. I was up at 630-ish so I was light on sleep by my new lifestyle going into the day.

3) Be Active – I got in 10 miles on my treadmill. Which meant my body was ready for rest.

4) Be Creative – I took a half dose of zzzzquil at 7pm and the other half at 2am.I made sleep irresistible.

At night I had soreness, aches, fever, sweats, chills, but I also couldn’t resist sleeping through most of it.

And I woke up feeling normal except for some grogginess from the meds and my arm.

Hope that helps you all.For being on the other side of this round of doses (we know we’re getting more right?)

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful

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Got dose 2. The folks at East Brunswick Community arts Center are amazingly efficient. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for them. (Coffee!)

And for this vaccine. And for what COVID forced me to learn more about and pay more attention to.

3 Hours: Arm starting to feel a little sore.

9 Hours: Arm a little sore. Still nbd.

10.5 Hours: Sore arm. Chills.

12 Hours: Sore arm. Full body aches. Fever. Breaking sweats every 30-45 minutes. Uncomfortable but just like the start of the flu.

15.5 Hours: Sore arm. Full body aches. No fever. Can’t sleep. Want to. Reading instead. 🙂

17.5 Hours: Sore arm. Mild aches. No fever or anything else.

23 Hours: Sore arm.

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Mom is 2 weeks post second dose. Mom and kids took full advantage yesterday.

They literally, leaned in.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the opportunity.

I shared this in a comment below but just sharing this made me think: it’s amazing how adjusted and acclimated we’ve become to COVID protocols.

It only became apparent yesterday. When we saw some normalcy returning. Like hugs.

Our instincts were to distance, mask, etc.

We had to actively focus on giving hugs, breaking instincts, to take advantage of being around mom post vaccine.

It’s a powerful reminder of the impact the past year has had on our kids. 20-25% of Jaanu’s life has been behind COVID protocols. 1/3-1/2 of his conscious life.

It’s like me having lived this way for almost 25 years, or everything post college.

I’m floored by this reality they have.

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We’re not looking at the most important health statistic when it comes to vaccines

.(Quick Pause: I recommend signing up to some amazing newsletters. VoxCare gives a great perspective on where we are with the vaccine.)

Today they sent out the best summary I’ve read about vaccinations, specifically about each company’s vaccine and the impact on efficacy vs perhaps the more critical, serious illness and death.

In summary, efficacy is what was easiest to test for immediately in a controlled way (did people who were vaccinated get COVID-19).

But as time has lapsed, we’re now seeing that regardless of efficacy, all vacciness appear to do an excellent job of protecting against serious illness and death — meaning, as of now, any vaccine you get appears to help you not get COVID-19 (from 65-95% of the time) and if you do get it, will make it easier to weather, less painful to tolerate, and ultimately help you avoid death.

Which…is like the Flu (though with greater efficacy than recent flu vaccines).

There’s a great thread on varints; and the discussion around AstraZeneca’s vaccine and how South Africa and the UK have taken different stances on the vaccine (SA stopped using it, UK continues to) brings the debate about efficacy vs severe illness and death to life while also introducing a topic for a different day: variants.

The most powerful chart is one from Dr Ashish K Jha who I’m sure you’ve seen on TV in the past months; where he lays out the power of the vaccines.


#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for people like Kelsey Piper at Vox for this kind of writing and framing. I’m not savvy on the healthcare side but clear writing like this brought to life with simple data and live examples to help contextualize and make sense of what matters is hugely important. I feel smarter every time I read this newsletter.

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