Got dose 2. The folks at East Brunswick Community arts Center are amazingly efficient. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for them. (Coffee!)

And for this vaccine. And for what COVID forced me to learn more about and pay more attention to.

3 Hours: Arm starting to feel a little sore.

9 Hours: Arm a little sore. Still nbd.

10.5 Hours: Sore arm. Chills.

12 Hours: Sore arm. Full body aches. Fever. Breaking sweats every 30-45 minutes. Uncomfortable but just like the start of the flu.

15.5 Hours: Sore arm. Full body aches. No fever. Can’t sleep. Want to. Reading instead. 🙂

17.5 Hours: Sore arm. Mild aches. No fever or anything else.

23 Hours: Sore arm.

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