Dose 2 for me wasn’t terrible. We all react differently.

A few things that may have helped were:

1) Timing – I targeted mine for 11am, so the 12 hours until side effects typically hit happened when I was sleeping.

2) Be Tired – I worked until 11:15pm the night before and by the time I got to bed it was 1am. I was up at 630-ish so I was light on sleep by my new lifestyle going into the day.

3) Be Active – I got in 10 miles on my treadmill. Which meant my body was ready for rest.

4) Be Creative – I took a half dose of zzzzquil at 7pm and the other half at 2am.I made sleep irresistible.

At night I had soreness, aches, fever, sweats, chills, but I also couldn’t resist sleeping through most of it.

And I woke up feeling normal except for some grogginess from the meds and my arm.

Hope that helps you all.For being on the other side of this round of doses (we know we’re getting more right?)

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful

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