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HBD Mumma.

In a new world of firsts, you handled today with strength, grace and fleeting moments of vulnerability…and we love you.Anaiya as always, said it best.

While I spend thousands of characters trying to get it right, followed by edits, deletes, pauses and revisits. She just loves you and says. It’s why she’s magic. In a sentence and a wish she wraps you in love.

“I wish that my Dadi could never cry.”

I assure you, Mumma, all of us will keep wrapping you in love. Like you’ve done for us for lifetimes.

I also can’t wait for Anaiya to do all the talking for me soon (we’re close.)HBD Mumma.

Finally…it’s amazing what happens to a song like “You’ll never find…” when you’re where we are. It goes from intoxicating to haunting. It’s still wonderful Mr Rawls. But it hurts at levels it used to just hum at.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for clarity in birthday wishes. Udabes.

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Long post about Satinder Chadha.

Get in on Mom C. 🙂Anyone who knows me worth a lick knows that my mom is responsible for (any of the modest) good I have done. Not only am I grateful or thankful to her, I am eternally humbled and indebted.

My mom is the world. And I am blessed because my extraordinary wife Priya KC Bhatt sees it and benefits from it too. But one person blesses me on the next level. My “mother-in-law”. Drop the in-law. She’s Mom.

She is a blessing. She is a Nani for the ages. She is a mom who made my wife so incredible. And gave these kids an amazing Mamu in Deepal Chadha. Undeniably through the amazing partnership with Daljit Chadha. 🙂

She is a second mom to one of the most special people in my life, my sis Anu Kiran. But also my sisters geographically removed who ALL love and adore her (Sapna Bhuta McCarthy, Anuja Silady, Rakhee Bhatt, Chand Knee). She is an adorable, loving Aunty to everyone I know.

She is the heartbeat of our daily family life in a Edison: She is more than glue, she is fuel.

We have benefitted ungracefully from her love and generosity for 8 months as invaders of her home. All she has done is loved, embraces, helped, cooked, supported. CRUSHED.

Today she is on a flight to India. Where for one of the rarest moments in he life she gets to focus on herself. She goes to spend time with family.

I wish her all the lifetimes of happiness. She has earned all of it. The best compliment and twist to this story?

Brings the story back to my Mumma, Renu Bhatt. Who is happy because I have someone like you, Mom C, to call Mom, too. The person who raised me is the biggest fan of the person who raises us daily, now. She feels doses of bliss everyday knowing I was lucky enough to get you in this awesome package deal.

My Mumma, loves and appreciates my Mom. That’s some next level special love. It’s rare. And that’s my blessing. TBD because you were worth the wait. 🙂Mom C. Nani.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for you. Have an amazing trip. We will miss you. 🙂The photo is a result of what you make possible. We love you. But let’s be clear…I LOVE YOU.

See you soon!!!

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I am 42 and I feel the same way. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for this kid nailing the most sincere and adorable truth about Moms. Amen. And holy hell is this kid ridiculous, passionate, and downright inspiring with his love! Thanks for the share Stefanie McGovern Buonavolta Also, when is Mom NOT life?

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Mother’s Day is such a great day. It’s unifying. For all the disagreements and polarization in the world, Mother’s Day is one of the few days where we kind of get it together. Because even the folks I know who have not always had the greatest blessing of having access to an amazing mom biologically, most have found access to amazing mother figures proximally or otherwise. Because that’s what moms do. They raise … everyone. I benefitted from it as a child. And I didn’t even get it. My mom is amazing. Let’s be clear. The loudest voice in my head is my moms. Even with a wife and a daughter. My moms voice (Renu Bhatt) is loudest — because she’s also telling me and guiding me on how to be with them. There’s something about tenure. But there are so many other “mom figures”. There are so many other people who, though it may not be actually true, who raised me in a way to believe that there were people out in the world who loved me more than I loved myself, and who were willing to do for me more than they did for themselves. That’s what moms do. My Ba. My sis (Anu Kiran) because as Anaiya is showing me, an older sis is as good as the real thing. It’s also the greatest evidence that being maternal and being a mother figure, doesn’t require birthing a child. My Nani Sheth. My Darshana Bhuta Shukla (I love that your profile pic is an and my mom … exactly the point I make here!) My Mamis (Neelu Bhatt, Shanti Mehta, Chet Bhatt, Charu Bhatt). My Kakis (Rakhee Bhatt). My Nani from another Mami (Chet Mehta). My friends moms, too many to name. Even that mom that keeps a falafel ready for you in the fridge when she knows you will be home late as hell and hungry as hell (right Ekata Doshi?) And … my most recent mom, who made it ok to call someone a mom formally and in the purest sense, when there’s no blood or legacy involved. Satinder Chadha. That’s the beauty of moms. They transcend. So many damn boundaries. So many ridiculous assumptions and borders. Moms. And that’s what I love about life. Because just when you think you’ve figured out humility, life slaps you in the face and points back over your shoulder to tell you — there’s more room to grow. That’s my wife. Priya KC Bhatt.

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Every other mom I’ve known, I’ve always known as a mom.

But Priya .. is the the first mom I’ve watched intimately grow into a mom. And it’s beautiful and amazing. And humbling. I’ve spent the past few years realizing a lot of my flaws and faults. But the past 3.5 years I’ve also come to grips with my natural limitations. When I watch Priya with the kids it’s different. Her patience is always steps past where mine ends. Here awareness is always steps past where mine ends. Here ability to hear them cry through several walls and floors is always seconds, minutes, hours before mine. And that’s mom. So I guess my point is that the moment I became best equipped to appreciate everything that a mom is … the moment of maximum mom appreciation and celebration … was the moment, I became a dad. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for all I’ve learned from you all. Happy Mother’s Day. #stronglikemom

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TSmiles2his is the most amazing picture I have ever seen. I don’t believe a more adorable picture has ever been taken. I’ve been to Hallmark. I’ve seen all the black and white greeting cards of children. And frankly, I think any picture on the front of one of those cards should be replaced with this.

Work hasn’t been easy. From a physical standpoint, I can say that even with the extraordinary support we’ve received in-person (especially from your Naniji and your Tita Fai), we’re a little more sleep deprived than usual. But when we see you like this, everything resets. Forget 5-hour energy … we should bottle your smile.

Looking at this picture was a life changing experience. Overwhelming. When your mom and I married, I made it my own personal challenge to make her happier day after day. Now I have another fundamental goal. Whenever we are lucky enough to bask in you being this happy, the world will cease to matter and everything will be ok. It will be like a reboot of The Matrix. Our job as parents is to help you get there as often as humanly possible.

Challenge issued. Challenge taken, munchkin. We’re on it.

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The video says it all, munchkin. Hi, right the hell back at you.

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