One of the greatest moments in your life is finding your forever love. That can be a person. A passion. A place. So many things.

You know it when you find it.

Which is why I think one of the greatest honors in life is being invited to participate and witness someone’s wedding. That moment when they choose to celebrate and codify that love for eternity.

It’s they’re greatest moment. And now they’re asking you to join them for it.


Today I was lucky enough to make it to the wedding for a person I think the world of. And after meeting her now husband a few months ago, I can agree I feel the same about him.

Cici Haynes your wedding was beautiful, inviting, aware and warm (yeah, it was 90 degrees but I’m not talking about that kinda warm!) Your friends and family represented you and their love for you so well today. As an old man, out of place at arrival, I found myself welcomed and feeling at home quickly. That’s you. That’s Chris. That’s your power. That’s the byproduct of your love.

iamgrateful and #iamthankful I was invited to be a part of today. Even more so. I’ll tell you, I love you both, and I absolutely love your love.

You two have something beautiful figured out.

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