Priya has a pretty high profile job at Prudential these days: she’s the Chief or Staff to the CFO at Prudential. As a result, she often gains access to events in ways that many otherwise wouldn’t. Last night I went along with her and she dazzled and I admired as people took note. Like when hero chef Marcus Samuelsson remembered her name (his food was great, his pants were better, and his memory and sincerity perhaps even more so.)]

For me, it was also like receiving a warm hug from a company I worked at for 5 years right out of college. I learned so much there. I had some of the best bosses I’ve ever had as a result of my time there: Mark Macaravage, Mary O’Malley, Robert Schwartz, Kristine Tanno and Jim Burke.

It was fascinating to walk around and bump into people I hadn’t seen in 20 years. The heights they’ve now achieved, and how kind they were to return hugs, handshakes and memories with us.

It was a wonderful feeling. As I Board a plane for what feels like the 10th time this month, and prepare to turn a big page tomorrow, it was a nice reminder of some things I’ve been a part of. And even s foothold for what I hope I can continue to contribute to starting tomorrow.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for my wife’s new job at a great company with amazing people in a culture I believe has always treated its people (past or present) well.

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