Fulton Green. I’ve got no words for what’s running through my mind as I heard about your passing away. You were one of the first photos and friends I made at Fuqua. You were one of the last photos I took and hugs I gave as I left the building on graduation day. In-between, you cracked me up. You taught me about Waffle House and all the vernacular required to get those hashbrowns right. And you were the only person to join me at the Waffle House Challenge 3x. Bro. THAT’s a bond for life. We barely knew each other. But you loved Waffle House. And we ended up having an amazing time and laying the foundation for a casual, remote friendship. You were a good dude. Never more clearly evidenced than when a friend of mine came to visit and interview at Fuqua when you and I were in the midst of our first year, and stumbled across you. You invested quite a bit of unnecessary but natural time in showing him around. Jeff Angtuaco ended up joining us the following year and I believe you two kept in touch much better than you and I did after 2010. Hugs to your family.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful to have known you. I can’t think of Fuqua without thinking of you. I won’t ever eat a hashbrown without thinking of you. One thing I try to do is learn something and carry something forward from family and friends who pass away. Changing something fundamental about my day-to-day activities as a person in tribute. I know exactly what I’ll be carrying forward from you, homie. #WarEagle

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