I was boarding the train I am (trying to, but a solid delay is not helping) this morning and I was wrapping up an internship that really set me on my way. Whatever way. This way. At least it is a way. One of my best friend’s ( Sonali K. Raval) older brothers ( Abhi Kamerkar) had squeezed me into an internship at Prudential. Very little based on my own competence but very really based on something that’s served me well ever since: finding some lucky way to be in the presence of smart people willing to take a chance on me. My bosses that summer treated me like gold because of that relationship. They let me dive into work. @cheryl Jones and @robert citro.

From them I got a killer rec that set me to come back to Pru and work for some even greater bosses willing to take bigger risks. Was talking about the honesty of work with some peers at work yesterday. The importance of good bosses. The impact of good or bad bosses. My career has wound me through and sometimes around. Sometimes back. I still actively seek good bosses. I still work at the opportunity to be one. Over the past 20 years I am more dominantly defined by that active pursuit. And that effort is borne of the chances folks have and continue to take on me. Feeling nostalgic. Actively seeking out some of that nostalgic energy on my way into work this am.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the delayed NJTransit train this am sparking space for some nostalgia and honest reflection. I also just want…some sleep. 🙂

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