It is one of…nix that — it is my favorite word on the planet. Have you ever had one? Have you ever had a “Ba”? If not? You missing out!!! Ba means “dad’s mom” in so many ways. But when you are me…it also means the highest form of royalty. It means that person who loves unconditionally. It means that person who values honestly. It means unwavering commitment. Ba’s give the purest love.

Today we lost our “last” Ba. Early in the dat. She was magic. Not the magic I confer on my kids. Which is granted. But the magic I give to my … heroes. Which is just… earned. Every time I saw her she made me feel like I was a character straight out of Marvel or D.C. 🙂This Ba was worth every memory. I will cry myself to sleep for … a bit. But move on quickly. Because Ba would have wanted me to massage her head and love on. Move on. But know, Ba, I love you. And carry you forwards. It’s all my meager poor self can do.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for all those memories and that you made me think I had healing hands, while it was really your head and heart doing all that healing. Today is what it is. Your memory. Which is, all good hOmie! 😉#whogottaba

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