For most of my life you’ve been the most supportive, the most influential, the most reliable, the most active, the most concerned, the most comforting, the .. most there. Whether it’s when you saw that we needed to assimilate, so you became a Cub Scout Den Mother. Or you saw that I desperately wanted Lottos with the map of Philadelphia on them so this overweight and unpopular kid could have a few moments of middle school celebrity. Or when you convinced my teachers that if my grades wouldn’t get me into honors classes my potential should (8th grade English.) Or when you knew I needed an ATM card, so you got your own account, and gave me your own card, because those were the uphill battles we fought.

Or when I got an internship that didn’t pay, but was worth it, and so you gave up your car to me for a summer. Or when you used your TJ Maxx money to buy me a Karmaan Ghia because I loved that car more than I have loved any material thing before (and now, to this day). Or when you changed your way of thinking about the things I like to do (give, cook) and shifted your prayers in such a unique and special way to make sure those things were always possible for me. Or when you made Priya KC Bhatt feel so d*mned welcome that she can brag about her relationship with her mother-in-law (you’re tied for first place on that one with a woman Satinder Chadha who you’ve formed such a special bond with, the kind of bond you don’t hear about between in-laws). Or when you became one of the favorite people in the world to Anaiya.

Or when … there’s still so much more you’ll do for me — for all of us — from now until the day I die. Because of all you’ve already done, all you’ve taught us ( Anu KiranPriya KC Bhatt ) about how to carry ourselves and be (and mom, I try, I really do try.)

On this day, your HBD, #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for being your son. Tita and Priya are grateful to be your daughters. Anaiya and Jaan are grateful to be your grandchildren. There’s no greater forcefield in the world, real or fictional, than your maternal love. See you Saturday!

Note: I know you’ll get why I led with “the most of my life” reference. Because of all you’ve taught me about the importance of my time and commitment to my own new family. You’ve never been less than the most, but because of how open and amazing you are, you’ve made room at the top for some other mosts as well.

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