Yup. Look. I rocked boxers hard for like 25 years. My wife still married me. I have tried all these crazy adaptations to men’s (just men’s, sticking to that story folks) undergarments and rarely make it through a wear before reverting back to my boxers. And they suck. Thank god they are hidden by pants/shorts/the overhang of my belly.

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A few weeks ago an old friend from b-school intro’d me to a line of luxe men’s gear he launched. Mr + Muse. The quality is ridiculous and I am sold. I have 4 pairs and I am about to buy more and retire Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, CK, Gap and any other such impostor. Check them out.

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No photo description available.

The idea is that the gear is as much for the Mr as it is for his partner (many of the styles were designed by women based on what they want to see.) Clark Passino is a good dude and friend. Check this out for that alone. But Man. Buy a pair (and get 30% off with this code: SUNEET30).

Of you don’t like it…I will apologize like hell and buy you a drink. Check out the packaging (no puns here folks!) and unveiling when I opened the box. Killer. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful that someone convinced me boxers were so 25 years ago.

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