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M.O.M. Mary O’Malley. You changed my life. In 1999 I was a cocky young employee working at Prudential in a really amazing rotational program. I got lucky. I had some of the best bosses and peers I’ve ever had, even to this day. I sought out and was lucky enough to score this opportunity to be the Project Manager for Prudential’s 125th anniversary. The project gave me a level of responsibility and access I didn’t deserve. The CEO of Prudential knew my name (so did his family), would seek me out to say hi. I sat with all the key executives as they talked about their tenures at Prudential and we documented them for a wonderful book (one that made me fall in love with the human aspect of storytelling.) I built websites. I helped create company service programs and awards. I met Jay Leno, Ray Charles, and was supposed to meet Lauryn Hill (but she flaked and I learned all about her flakiness first-hand, children be d*mned.) I had a lifetime of professional experiences in one amazing year.

I share all the good fortune because, of all those experiences … the single most valuable was getting the opportunity to work for Mary O’Malley. She changed my life. Today, right now, is her retirement party. I can’t make it because in my old age, I’ve got a herniated disc in my lower back that makes walking, sleeping, anything, painful to the point of tears. It’s a good thing I’m not there, because I’d be gushing and tearing up regardless of the pain.

Mary was strong. Mary was powerful. Mary was charismatic. Mary was fair. Mary was worldly. Mary was funny and cutting as hell. Mary was so many amazing things. The consummate bad@ss. She was one of the best, if not the best boss, I ever had.

She also taught me my biggest lesson about work and responsibility. An analogy I still use and have passed on to several people, many many people actually, after she gave it to me. When I left working for Mary I left fairly abruptly. I was enticed by the dotcom boom. Had a few opportunities to leave the company. And I gave Mary 2 weeks notice. She took it gracefully. She heard me tell my story about why. She smiled all the way through it. She offered coaching and contacts. For all my stumbling and lack of courtesy she made up for it on the other side.

And then she looked across her big old stunning, wooden desk, with me sitting on the other side and asked if she could share one more thing. Boom.

She told me that she believed in me, but that my actions had let her down. Not me, my actions. She said the notice I had given would certainly disrupt a very major project for the company. And she dropped the analogy. “Suneet, when you go grocery shopping there are two types of people. There’s the kind of person who, while walking down the aisle, sees something they want, and takes their cart over to that object, takes it off the shelf, and puts it in their cart. And then, there’s the kind of person who sees what they want, and walks over to get it, leaving their cart unattended and strewn about the aisle, blocking everyone else’s path. Everyone else be d*mned, because that person was going to get what they wanted. Your actions … today, make you the latter. But I have no doubt that you want to be the former, and that you will be going forward.”

Mary’s been someone I’ve turned to informally over time. She came to speak at Duke when I was hosting a conference. She made time for Priya KC Bhatt when she joined Prudential recently. Mary, I’ve worked like hell to take my shopping cart with me everywhere I go. Rarely a moment goes by where I have let someone down where I don’t think about your words. And even more powerfully, rarely a moment goes by when someone who’s worked for me has misstepped in some way, where I make sure I let them know …it’s not them, it’s the action.

Happy Retirement, M.O.M. You changed my life.

As you have for so many others. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the opportunity to work for you and know you. Miss you and hope to see you soon! Maybe grocery shopping? 😉

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A friend launched Draftsend today; a platform for presentations you can see and hear. The software allows you to upload presentations and then narrate over the slides. Think SlideShare with voice over. The result is a more cogent, compelling, and persuasive presentation for the audience.

A presentation I gave at Price Intelligently‘s #SaaSFest in 2016 is being used as one of the examples. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the work of Hiten Shah and team, including the promotional wizardry of Walter Chen and Animalz. They’ve got this thing off to the races. Their push forward is downright inspiring.

Check out my presentation: https://draftsend.com/…/practical-advice-for-growing-a…Upvote on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/draftsend


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You’ll get the opportunity to work with someone I consider myself lucky to have worked with, and someone I consider to be the model Sales Leader and Executive of the future. You think I’m BS’ing you? Meet him. You’ll feel the same way about Tim Thyne

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful of the time I spent working with him. I will miss it. And if you get to work with him, I’ll be a little jealous of you … like, we may not talk for a few days. And then when we do talk I’ll act like I don’t care, but really, I totally will. Sorry, I digress. DM me if you’re interested folks.


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Seriously. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for where I am today. Everyone has the same opportunities in America. This country was founded on meritocracy. If you are struggling, it’s your fault.

You probably just didn’t try hard enough. Stop living life with your hand out. Bootstrap yourself. There’s no time like the present.


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I was boarding the train I am (trying to, but a solid delay is not helping) this morning and I was wrapping up an internship that really set me on my way. Whatever way. This way. At least it is a way. One of my best friend’s ( Sonali K. Raval) older brothers ( Abhi Kamerkar) had squeezed me into an internship at Prudential. Very little based on my own competence but very really based on something that’s served me well ever since: finding some lucky way to be in the presence of smart people willing to take a chance on me. My bosses that summer treated me like gold because of that relationship. They let me dive into work. @cheryl Jones and @robert citro.

From them I got a killer rec that set me to come back to Pru and work for some even greater bosses willing to take bigger risks. Was talking about the honesty of work with some peers at work yesterday. The importance of good bosses. The impact of good or bad bosses. My career has wound me through and sometimes around. Sometimes back. I still actively seek good bosses. I still work at the opportunity to be one. Over the past 20 years I am more dominantly defined by that active pursuit. And that effort is borne of the chances folks have and continue to take on me. Feeling nostalgic. Actively seeking out some of that nostalgic energy on my way into work this am.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the delayed NJTransit train this am sparking space for some nostalgia and honest reflection. I also just want…some sleep. 🙂

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