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TMLFYI… | Footloose

We’ve been blessed, my love. We’ve had the fantastic fortune of catching you at two very unique and powerful firsts: the first time you laughed out loud, and the first time we caught you discovering your feet. Not noticing they exist. But actually playing with them. Exploring them. Discovery in the purest sense of the word.

I’m not sure who was more mesmerized by the experience. You? The finder of said feet. Or your mom and I, creators of you, who I now consider the Jane Goodall of feet. See video for evidence.

Some highlights?

  • :05 – When you get after your foot with both hands.
  • :13 – When we make eye contact – because that’s always a highlight and always will be.
  • :27 – When your mom calls out the fact that you’re going to put your foot in your mouth.
  • :45 – When prove your mom to be prophetic and try to put your foot in your mouth.
  • :53 – When you discover you have a second foot.

So today my love for you is all about feet. Maybe I’ll never say that again? But my guess is that with you, all rules go out the window.

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TMLFYI… | Rolling

Like camera rolling. Every day your mom finds time to send me pictures of you in action while I’m at work. I’m fairly uninterested in responding to my phone (texts, calls.) But there are few things that can get me to respond to a phone cue better than the incentive of knowing I’ll have a stream of photos of you to look at.

Today I wasn’t disappointed. You’re active. You’re moving. You’re alert. You’re engaging. We’re seeing your personality come through more and more everyday. I wish I could turn this into a flipbook and have it play on repeat in the upper right-hand corner of my screen. Just under the clock, so I could look at you and then know just how long it would be before I’d get back to you.

Roll 1Roll 3Roll 5Roll 4Roll 6 Roll 2



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