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Happy Diwali. The festival of light. Good over evil? Sure. Good isn’t always that Good and Evil is sometimes as much about your interpretation as their actions. Sometimes. But you know what’s universally bright? Cute. Animals.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful to Jillian Powers for sharing this #cuteoff post. I thought the laughing penguin had me, but Man…the Columbia Basin Pygmy rabbit…yeah, I am good this morning.


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Anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite holiday. My favorite day of celebration. Why? Because it’s about siblings. It’s about my sisters. It’s an acknowledgement of all they do for me. It’s about so much truth. Your siblings know you longest. In some ways, they know you best because they know you early (in my case, from Day 1), and they live alongside you. There are no choices when it comes to siblings. They just are. Undeniable. I mean this for the sisters with whom I share blood, the sisters with whom sharing blood is irrelevant, and I mean this for the sisters I’ve acquired who may not share blood with me, but they do with my wife and even more powerfully, my kids (it’s wild to think about Anaiya and Jaan literally sharing blood with their Masis.)

It’s a holiday that’s all about good. That transcends religions. Cultures. Who, in what part of the world, would object to celebrating the bond between a brother and a sister? Given the state of the world today — it’s not just the US, mind you, but nationalism and xenophobia are prevalent and seeing their rise everywhere (it’s more circular and recurrent in history than we’d like to admit), I thought this story was a nice one to share. Love to my sisters. You all make all the good in me worthwhile. All the mess, that’s my bad. 😉

It starts with you Anu Kiran and #iamgrateful and #iamthankful we’ve got some awesome sisters, don’t we?


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