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TMLFYI… | Fitful

I feel like we have to share this video with the world because everyone thinks you’re always happy. They don’t realize that you are capable of getting angry. For about 5-10 minutes every day. When we feed you solids, but don’t move at the speed of light in doing so.

It’s adorable now. It’s especially adorable because you do it for everything. Oatmeal? Sure. Carrots? Yup. Peas? Mmmhmmm. Squash? You betcha.

What’s going to happen when we get you stuff that actually tastes good?

But your Mom is also concerned with sharing this video, at least a little, because your reaction makes it seem like we never feed you. Ever. Like this meal was the first time you’ve eaten in 7.5 months. So before I share the video I have to make a Public Service Announcement and let the world know that you are, actually, quite well fed. (Your legs serve as evidence.)

So today my love for you is fitful. Just like your love for food. Amen.


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TMLFYI… | A 7.5 out of 8

7.5. Ounces. If you’re not a parent or haven’t been around young’uns this makes no darn sense to you. But if you are, or if you have been, and you see your ~13lb 4.5 month old go to town on a bottle of formula like she was battling Kobayashi on Coney Island, well — you’d write about it too. And if you didn’t have a blog, you’d get one. And if the right name wasn’t available, you’d search WHOIS and make an offer on the name you wanted. And if they didn’t respond, you’d wait. A little while, and then come up with something creative as a substitute that ended up being better than your first idea.

All because your kid took down 7.5 ounces (out of 8) at a time when her best performance to date hovered around 6.

Next stop, the moon.

Today my love for you is insatiable, but in a very literal way. Love you my doughnut (we’ll go back to munchkin tomorrow, but based on your performance, doughnut just feels so much more right.)

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