TMLFYI… | A 7.5 out of 8

7.5. Ounces. If you’re not a parent or haven’t been around young’uns this makes no darn sense to you. But if you are, or if you have been, and you see your ~13lb 4.5 month old go to town on a bottle of formula like she was battling Kobayashi on Coney Island, well — you’d write about it too. And if you didn’t have a blog, you’d get one. And if the right name wasn’t available, you’d search WHOIS and make an offer on the name you wanted. And if they didn’t respond, you’d wait. A little while, and then come up with something creative as a substitute that ended up being better than your first idea.

All because your kid took down 7.5 ounces (out of 8) at a time when her best performance to date hovered around 6.

Next stop, the moon.

Today my love for you is insatiable, but in a very literal way. Love you my doughnut (we’ll go back to munchkin tomorrow, but based on your performance, doughnut just feels so much more right.)

Anaiya Food

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