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Sorry folks, but I’m all ahead of all things Frozen 2 for the kids. Tickets bought. Songs already memorized (as much as possible). I’m fired up and ready.I’ll tell you though … this line nails so many things. It’s beautiful.

Elsa: “You can’t just follow me into fire!

“Anna: “Then don’t run into fire!” #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for Disney. And these movies about strong women and strong female bonds.

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Was in a conversation about 2020 and politics and someone said “this is going nowhere” and in my head I said “one last time let’s go there” because somehow, Paolo Nutini’s magical song from 2006 jumped into my head.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the connections our mind makes for us, bringing me all the way back here. To this song.

He was 19 when he created this. When I was 19 I had barely created memories, let alone anything memorable.

How did politics get me to Paolo Nutini?

The beauty of words phrases and stories I guess?

What he did with those two sentences dances on my mind, my tongue, and depending on the moment, my heart. “Sure I can accept that we’re going nowhere

But one last time, let’s go there”

Applies to so many things? Like in this case the spark that was politics in the US but wow, so many things.

https://youtu.be/Dq3ZxMAZBXkAs for Last Requests … maybe let’s have less of them. Let’s not give up on things we think are going nowhere. Sometimes, we just have to give them one last chance to go and get there.

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Wow. I haven’t felt addicted to a song like this maybe since MGMT Electric Feel which took me back to all good things Prince (kind of excited to read the memoir that ain’t a memoir that’s all good). Or maybe, Childish Gambino and Redbone?

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for poetic, rhythmic, rhyming flow. I needed this especially after guiltily listening to Kanye’s new stuff (and ok, his flow is beautiful, as beautiful as he is offensively bad … but musically, there’s some beauty there).

This takes me back to DeLa Soul which is … you know, amazing, but especially on a Saturday in roller skates. Yessir.


Heard where? On a Bose headset commercial. All good. I’m good.

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Sometimes I just need to close my eyes; it’s raining outside, it made me think of this song for some reason, and a search on “Africa + Toto” + “Covers” led me here. And I couldn’t be happier. I’ve got it on (manual) loop and I couldn’t be happier.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for serendipity.


In a time where everything needs a little more purpose, meaning, and just grace, it’s not a bad song to have in your head. Bless everything and everyone. Let’s go.

If you’re tagged here, I thought of you at a very precise moment.

cc Disha Sharma Modi (HBD, will miss your face); Stephen Kelly (bless everything) Anu Kiran and Sapna Bhuta McCarthy (because of course) Andy Fox and Peter Pirsch because if Michael Hedges played the piano, he’d have done something like this don’t you think?

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Today marks Day 12. 12 days since my Daddy left the physical world. Hinduism is incredibly ritualistic. I’ll leave it at that. But in essence, our family is using the next few days as a way to help my father’s soul find peace as it rises to the universal soul, while also slowly bringing an end to the mourning period at which point the family is supposed to more formally transition back to normal life.

Yeah. Thanks for the roadmap, Hinduism.

What I do love about the way we celebrate someone’s death is one key point: danam, which literally translates to gift or offering, but in the context of mourning and death rituals, it more spiritually means charity. Our family will travel to a local school for children facing physical and mental difficulties, and bring them a fun, healthy and indulgent lunch. 200 kids. My father spent his life serving people (family, friends, the community at large). For all the pujas, prayers, moments of silence, and fantastically colorful and sense overwhelming procedures, this is the single greatest thing we are doing to honor Daddy’s legacy and soul. This is the single greatest thing we can do to help him achieve universality (though he’s done more, with plenty leftover, to cover his journey and credit a world with what he has left over).

12. That’s the 12.

The 40? That’s my wife. She turns 40 today. You’ve heard me write, over and over again, that Daddy said out loud and often, that Priya is the single greatest thing to happen to me and to our family.

He knew his sh*t.

Today’s her birthday. A big milestone birthday. On the day that the celebration of my Daddy’s life moves from the inauspicious (mourning) toward the more auspicious (celebratory), I don’t find it to be any coincidence that we’re sharing this day with Priya’s 40th.

DADDY | 2-14 5

She’s spent the past two weeks dealing with two kids, bouts of the flu, kids with nightmares, kids with 4am fevers, all while facing an incredibly demanding stretch at work, all while mourning and grieving for her Daddy too. And she’s done it with grace, dignity, huge smiles, and without missing a beat.

She spoke at an impromptu religious ceremony held by our community in South Jersey (what an amazing extended family, those friends we’ve known for 50 years in South Jersey) and carried the full thoughts and weight of our family on her shoulders, and delivered the kind of thank you that my Daddy would have raved about for years.

She made him proud. As she always did.

This is the woman whose vows to me during our legal ceremony 7+ years ago anchored in her promise that we will always be there for our family (collective). We didn’t know how soon or how often. But she’s never wavered.

The way she has handled the past 12 days is evidence and validation of Daddy’s earliest words to me about her: she’s the best thing.

12 days.
40 years.

12|40. Priya, you and Daddy are bonded together in eternity, in service and in the most celebratory and auspicious of ways. I smile wide today for that reason.

Hey, best thing. Happy Birthday. You make all life and love possible. Udabes. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for you. We all are.

Note: I’ve collected all the posts and thoughts I’ve shared about my Daddy’s death in one place. Some people have found it helpful as they’ve navigated through their own experiences, or, as they’ve had to step in to support others. This is one in a series, and you can find the full list of posts here.

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This is what this hotel did with my Smoked Salmon for breakfast.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for this tasteful scenery in front of some amazing scenery in advance of an awesome weekend ahead. The next two hours?

Sipping a Basil Hayden, hopping on stage for a few moments to share thoughts, and then off to Denver to celebrate Stephen Kelly turning 40 (finally, sheesh.)

No photo description available.
No photo description available.

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Can sing. I know. I shared a wall with our shower growing up and heard her every morning. 😉😛 Her voice is magical. She’s the only person I will listen to intently when a religious song is being represented. When Anaiya was young, she would gravitate toward my sis when she was singing. Maybe it’s why Anaiya sings so much right now.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for my sis finding her passion…and for her HAPPY BDAY JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!

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Jessi Masi and Ganesh Masard got married. It was your first wedding. And outside of the bride, I really must say, you stole the show.

Your mom positioned you well for all that show theft for what it’s worth. For every event, you had a tailor made outfit. You wore it with grace and style. Even when you put different parts of your clothing in your mouth, you did so with elegance.

Here are some artistic glam shots from the wedding itself. Mostly because you were sleeping and I couldn’t get a great all-in photo of you to start (it’s hard to magically crop out all of the different belts that strap you in the Cybex Aton.) But also because your Eku Foi started taking the top down photos of you through your bow so I think we’re going to keep that theme flowing. From there, I thought jewelry shots would be lovely. And wouldn’t you know it? They are.




I was able to get a shot of it all coming together, with you in your mom’s arms and a hell of a backdrop that only you two could outshine.


But in the end, my favorite pose was you doing your Nas … “if you ruled the world” (imagine that?) Yes, this is how I think you’re going to look the moment you realize the world is all yours.


Sofie in hand. Not a care in the world. It’s your move, world.

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