On March 15, 2020, I set a goal of dropping below 175lbs by March 15, 2021. Lower than my wedding weight. And the second lowest weight milestone I’ve had … since 1997.

The last few days I’ve clocked in at 173.6.

The lowest I’ve been since 1997 is 167.


Once going into business school in 2004.

Once going back in the summer of 2005.

And once in 2010, before I took a bit of a step back with 6 surgeries in the last 8 years.

I think one learning is, I’ve got more ahead (already). So when reality becomes something that holds you back, instead of something you work around, you’ve now started making excuses.

Why is my first question.

But how is my favorite.

By starting with how, now here I am. 173.6. I lost 21 lbs since setting that goal at the start of the pandemic

And #iamgrateful and #iamthankful that I celebrated the win directly, took a deep breath, and then changed my goal again for what’s next. 167, here we come.175 felt too far at some points. Now, I never want to go back. But I’ve been here before and fallen quickly. Every time, was my choice.

How do I avoid that happening again?



Not yet Satisfied.

The pandemic took space from some things while in my case, creating space for other things. (The favorite space I’ve found is in my t shirts by the way.)Side note and other numbers of note: BMI – For the first time since scales reported these things, my BMI is below 25. It’s 24.9. But for the first time since scales have been telling me things, there telling me I’m no longer overweight. 25 is the low end BMI threshold for overweight. I was at 27.9 sometimes higher.

Skeletal Miscle – used to be 42%. Now it’s over 44%. Good increase but the next step is building more muscle which is hard with come constraints I have but still doable.

Body Fat – Was just at or under 20%. Now it’s 16.3%. Almost a 20% reduction with more to come I hope. Can I get under 15? Do I even want to?

Visceral Fat – Was at 6. Now at 4. Lower the better.

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