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I made today a numbers day. I woke up with a feeling. It’s been an intense week. Honestly, it’s been intense for way longer but the past week I’ve taken strides toward fixing my state of mind, my mental approach, my framework for thinking, processing, reacting.

It’s been an intense week.

Just like anything else, it’s amazing what a few deliberate, committed steps can do around creating momentum and accelerating you into progress. Try going vegan for a week. Try not drinking for a week. Try breathing before every response for a week. Try no TV for a week. Try reading every day for a week.

It’s amazing what a week can do.

It’s been an intense week. In the best possible way. And today I woke up with a feeling. So I leaned into that feeling.

I knew today was a day I was going to lock in what made me Happy, what made me Proud, and set the stage for tomorrow, thinking about where I’m Not Yet Satisfied so I can find new achievements, states of mind, I want to pursue.

Sometimes what I’m happy about and what I’m proud of, are feelings.

Today, they are digits.


It wasn’t today, but of all the numbers, “1” and “first” are where things should begin. I became a Kaka for the first time. To the child of the boy who was the first human being I know from day one. There’s something powerful; about seeing the first child I remember holding in my arms, holding his first child in his arms. That I’ll never shake. There’s no digit more important than this digit. But there are more digits.


I’m excited about the progress I’m making on my storytelling project. Helping people unearth, frame and share their authentic stories. Yesterday, I posted my second testimonial; my second bit of evidence about the approach I’ve taken to help people gain confidence and bring their stories to life. It was humbling.

$1 million.

I woke up and in my first work meeting I found out we hit $1mm in monthly revenue in April. That’s 3x growth in the past year. That’s a little under double from December. It’s incredible. Given what we’ve faced the past year I view this, plain and simple, as one of my best efforts at work. I find tremendous happiness, and take tremendous pride in knowing the role I played in organizing, aligning, motivating, inspiring, and compelling our team to make this happen.


Today I started reading book 30 for the year. I’ve read 29 books in 2021. Of all sorts, sizes, shapes, lengths, formats, genres. Today, I started reading book 30. I picked The Razor’s Edge because 25 years ago almost to the day, a friend and then roommate to be told me that in Maugham’s book, he saw me reflected in the main character. To this day, I still don’t know how to process that feedback. I’ve read the book once, at his first reference. I’m reading it again now as I turn the page on 45 and the past year — the healthiest of my life in so many ways — because I’m eager to see if this still holds up. Or if that insight into me 25 years ago was prophetic, showed a deeper understanding of me then than I have even now. Book 30.


Miles. That’s a marathon. I’ve tried to prep for 5ks, 10ks, 1/2 marathons a few times over. Every time I try, I get hurt. Plantar fasciitis. ACLs. MCLs. Groins. You name it. The past 6 months I haven’t walked with a number in mind, I’ve walked with a spirit in mind: get healthier. The most I’ve done in a day is 18 miles and that happened because I couldn’t sleep so I watched a movie and walked starting at 2am.

Today wasn’t that. Today, I started walking with my first call at 8:30am. And then, I just didn’t stop. It was 10:30am and I was at 10.5 miles. Then I spoke it into existence.

I said out loud to the person I was on the phone with “I think I want to walk 26.2 miles today. I want to do my first marathon.”

And then, I kept repeating it. It wasn’t a straight through walk. Life, work, forced some pauses. But with the kids asleep at 8:15pm I had 9 miles left to go. So I hopped on the treadmill, work documents ready to go, got after it.

At a 5-5.5 MPH pace, I finished at 9:40pm ET. My first “marathon”. And I’m confident I’m one of the only people to pull off 26.2 miles in one day, while working. (Note: I did watch 45 minutes of Point Break for the end of that walk.)


It’s coming around. 46 is two weeks away. I used to wait for important days to lock in milestones.

“I’ll make that resolution on January 1st.”

“I’ll change that behavior on my birthday.”

Today I realized that I would walk a marathon for no other reason than it was Thursday.

And I f*cking wanted to.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for digits. For numbers. For happiness and pride providing fuel that made yesterday one of the most accomplished days of my life, holistically.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful that I remembered to write it down and to lock it in.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for my framework; for my mantra around being “Happy. Proud. Not Yet Satisfied.” because it’s a reminder to remember what’s important (happy), it’s a reminder to remember what we’ve achieved (proud), and it’s a reminder to remember — I ain’t through (Not Yet Satisfied).


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On March 15, 2020, I set a goal of dropping below 175lbs by March 15, 2021. Lower than my wedding weight. And the second lowest weight milestone I’ve had … since 1997.

The last few days I’ve clocked in at 173.6.

The lowest I’ve been since 1997 is 167.


Once going into business school in 2004.

Once going back in the summer of 2005.

And once in 2010, before I took a bit of a step back with 6 surgeries in the last 8 years.

I think one learning is, I’ve got more ahead (already). So when reality becomes something that holds you back, instead of something you work around, you’ve now started making excuses.

Why is my first question.

But how is my favorite.

By starting with how, now here I am. 173.6. I lost 21 lbs since setting that goal at the start of the pandemic

And #iamgrateful and #iamthankful that I celebrated the win directly, took a deep breath, and then changed my goal again for what’s next. 167, here we come.175 felt too far at some points. Now, I never want to go back. But I’ve been here before and fallen quickly. Every time, was my choice.

How do I avoid that happening again?



Not yet Satisfied.

The pandemic took space from some things while in my case, creating space for other things. (The favorite space I’ve found is in my t shirts by the way.)Side note and other numbers of note: BMI – For the first time since scales reported these things, my BMI is below 25. It’s 24.9. But for the first time since scales have been telling me things, there telling me I’m no longer overweight. 25 is the low end BMI threshold for overweight. I was at 27.9 sometimes higher.

Skeletal Miscle – used to be 42%. Now it’s over 44%. Good increase but the next step is building more muscle which is hard with come constraints I have but still doable.

Body Fat – Was just at or under 20%. Now it’s 16.3%. Almost a 20% reduction with more to come I hope. Can I get under 15? Do I even want to?

Visceral Fat – Was at 6. Now at 4. Lower the better.

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I’ve fond memories of my Dad coming home from work and retreating to his room for 15-20 minutes every night. Door locked. Something from channel 6 on TV (news, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune).

And I’d hear footsteps. Like someone jogging in place. Sometimes I’d have a question that couldn’t wait and I’d have to knock on his door. Or he’d have a phone call that couldn’t wait (it definitely couldn’t, there was literally no call waiting at the time).He’d run over to the door and open it. Working out in his room. Still jogging in place. While answering me or taking that call.Trying to be healthy in the space he could make.

Dad never spent money on himself. No treadmill, bike, anything. Every time someone tried to get him something he made them return it. Between work, commuting, coming home and spending two hours with his mom, my ba, who couldn’t walk, in her room. Years of this right routine.

He worked out in a 2’ x 4.5’ strip of carpet between his side of the bed and his dresser.

May be an image of screen

Daddy lived to 77 because he made space for himself. So he could make himself available then to everyone else who needed him.

And it worked.

My life is different. I work from home. I’m not as modest in spending on what I need. The financial and social and familial pressures are much less than what he faced.

But I’m still not as good at making time to exercise.

I’m better at excuses.

Today I found myself doing what a modern day version of my dad at 45 may have done or atleast approved of. A 2.0.Treadmill.Workstation.And Cobra Kai.

That last one is super important.

My dad took me to see Karate Kid on a Sunday night because I just had to go see it.

After a Sunday workout by his bed. Skipping his Sunday night tennis. He took the little space he had and then made space for me. He skipped his own weekly tennis indulgence and made space for me.

May be an image of text that says 'Cobra Kal 0 T'

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for this lesson clicking. Some 30+ years later. Sparked by my home setup. Which took me down a wormhole of memories, bringing me out to another unique layer of respect and appreciation for my Daddy.

That’s the power of teaching lessons with your actions. The lessons still get taught. People don’t always remember being taught them. You acted well, Dad. Impeccably always.

It appears I may have picked something up. Finally.

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