I’ve spent a lot of time the past few weeks thinking through two concepts:

1) Wind at your sails

2) No ripples

Which is why Pixar opening up SparkShorts on Disney+ is so wonderful.

If you’re of East Asian descent, these may bring you to your knees. If you’re Asian, perhaps profound tears. Just to see yourself in this powerful, visual medium is enough. Anyone who connects to their roots as immigrants will feel this.

But the stories … ohhhh the stories.

Anyone will be moved though. It’s just the added layer of thinking about our parents or grandparents as having been loved so much they were both “sent” away and “had” to leave. I’ve seen Wind 2x this morning. I think of my Ba. I think of my Mom. I think of my Dad. I think of so many people.

I also, then think, of my kids. And wonder how I can do a better job being the wind at their sails.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful to Pixar for releasing these films. So beautifully represented.

To Disney+.My dad was in that rocket ship when he left India. Then my Dad built that rocket ship for his family (born and married into).

My mom was in that rocket ship. And then she built that rocket ship for her family. Born and married into.And then they did it for us.

I was in that rocket ship. Maybe I’m still flying it. Maybe I don’t realize as powerfully, I need to get to building. That’s the thing.

At some point, our job isn’t to fly our rocket ship anymore. It’s to build them for other people. I want to build more rocket ships. I need to start building rocket ships.

This is beautiful. Rachael Wells wind at your sails. Let’s go build some rocket ships.

Thank you Van Jones for being so kind and generous and reminding me we all have bandwidth to be wind at other peoples sails.

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