We’re all trying to get better right now. It’s the new year. Whether you set resolutions formally or simply tried to reset and refresh coming out of the holidays or into a new year; we’re all trying to be at our best right now.

Being at our best usually means balancing:

1) What we consume

2) What we hold onto

3) What we release back into the world

At its simplest, that’s also what good breathing exercises embody. The air we take in, how long we hold it, and how long we expel it.

The 4-7-8 technique is money.

4 second inhale.

7 second hole.

8 second exhale.


You don’t need to pray. Or meditate. Change your pose or your position. You can do this anywhere without needing or making a scene.

I did this at dinner last night when the kids were all over the place as they made their way to dinner.

I’ve done it on Zoom calls at work.

You can do this anywhere, anytime.

And breathing, how we breathe, dictates how we process and respond to our environment. Breathing is like the baseline, the background music in our life. When it’s calm, the scene reflects and feels and creates space for calm. When it’s frenzied or hurried, well, you’ve set a backdrop and creates space for that vibe instead.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful that once again, biology has equipped us with so much of what we need already to find a healthy way forward.

All I control, is me.

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