What’s a show that was always on in your house as you were growing up?

What show inspired the most quoted, and longest running non weekly recurring segment on SNL (from 1996-2015)?What television quiz show served as the basis for one of Weird Al Yankovic’s earliest hits based on a song from The Greg Kihn Band?

Jeopardy. My final answer.

I’m old enough to remember when the first episode of the “new” Jeopardy aired in 1984. I was 9. And my fourth grade teacher, Ms Roosin was over the moon as she was a fan of the earlier versions of the show, and a fan of the pop song, Jeopardy, sung by The Greg Kihn Band a few years earlier. She was exceptionally quirky and in retrospect I’m confident had a special relationship with alternative consumables.

Effectively from the first show, Jeopardy was on in our house every night. In two places. Downstairs and upstairs in my Ba’s room. You’d hear it in stereo.

And in that sense, I feel like Peter Jennings and Alex Trebek were Uncles. It works because I have some amazing uncles.

Friday was Alex Trebek’s last episode, aired posthumously. The tribute they shared was heartwarming, succinct, and a bit of a test of my tear ducts


I always loved his story. How many shows he hosted before Jeopardy.21 years and almost 20 shows (all pilots or shows with 1-2 year stints) before landing his legendary role.

Sometimes failure is yours. Sometimes, you just haven’t found the right fit.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for that lesson, from Uncle Alex.

They’re going to round robin his chair until they find a replacement. It took him 20 years to land there. It’s only right we acknowledge it may take just as much time to find his replacement.

Who is a television personality that many believe replaced Walter Cronkite as the most trusted man in America (not named Tom Hanks)?Who had a reputation and respect that made him one of the last people in America (though Canadian himself) to be equally respected on both sides of the aisle?

Who had a great sense of humor about the way his character was presented on SNL by Will Ferrell?

Which media personality made almost 50 appearances, as himself, across TV and Film from 1984-2020?And of course …Who is one person who has never been in my kitchen?

Alex Trebek. My final Meena Mehta and Samir Jethwa. Cant think of Trebek or Jeopardy without thinking of you two.

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