Every morning for drop off we start with Anaiya who has a drive thru drop off. We pull up, the teachers take Anaiya out, and we drive off to drop Jaanu off. Kudos to Campbell/Moss PTO and Moss School for making this happen by the way — it’s magic.

For the 10 or so minutes while we’re waiting in line for drop off, we have a karaoke/dance party in the car. Anaiya usually requests Frozen. Jaanu always requests whatever Anaiya just played.

I’ll try to insert something. To mix it up. Build a bridge to some musical taste beyond soundtracks to animated films. Pop. Safe Hip Hop. Who knows. Nothing sticks more than a day; and we’re back to Disney.

Well. Except this week. Jaanu lets Anaiya have her Frozen 2 soundtrack. She gets out of the car. And floating, rising, arcing over the headrest from the back seat, landing in my ear and settling deep in the most important place in my soul, I hear Jaanu utter the following words:

“Buhboo, can you play Prince?”

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for what sticks. There is a park that is known … Paisley Park is in your heart. And I think, now it’s in his. Amen to my life’s greatest work.

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