In 1992 I stumbled into a record store in San Jose and an album chose me: Vinx, I Love My Job. To this day, it’s a Top 10’er for me. And they way his music and percussion make me feel has been captured by song, but never artists or even full albums.

Until the past few months. Where similarly, a beat in the background of a commercial sparked me to Google Search lyrics and fall into the world of @owusugenesis . #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the chutes that pulled me into this discography. It’s magic. Whatever you’re tryin to do. Whatever team you’re rollin wit. Whatever vultures are circling. That voice and flow and sensibility is the feeling I got 30 years ago from Vinx, a booming voice, a layered track, and a hand drum. Leggo.

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