I feel like … parenthood adds a 31st chapter to Einstein’s Dreams. It’s when you feel the full weight of a year passing in one single, powerful, gut checking, reality forcing, tear inducing, awe inspiring, mother effing moment. At 11:59:59pm on Wednesday you were 2. A raucous 2. An evolving 2. A personality developing 2. A very different 2 than the 2 you started at. But 2. You were our 2 year old daughter. And in a flash. It was January 12th. And all that you became while you were 2. Turned into 3. And I can’t believe it. You know what else I can’t believe? How incredibly fast time flies. And how many things you keep teaching me about myself. How much you keep teaching your mom and I about ourselves, and about each other. And how in less than 8 months you’ve demonstrated the kind of sister you’re going to be (awesome). And so many more things. But really, one more thing. We can’t believe that this kind of love is possible. #Iamgrateful and #Iamthankful for every stinking moment. You’re gracious, generous, genius, gregarious, and gorgeous. Happy Birthday, Magic. Stop bending time so quickly, please, Magic. My heart just can’t keep up.

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