Watch this. I love this stuff. Since the MTV half hour comedy hour back when I was in high school and even before that. Comedians are the philosophers of our time. Good comedians are good philosophers. Bad ones are…still usually better than average. When they get up there it’s just raw. No music to distract. No instruments to augment. No sets (vague sets sometimes) for modest context at best. It’s them. Their words. And an audience full of expectations. You can hear the same sone over and over again. Forever. But the same joke? Has less staying power than even the most aggressively transient hip hop hook. The bast comedy isn’t light and airy either. It’s dark. Heavy. It’s hilarious. And then you think about it a little and something changes about how you see the world. I love this stuff as a craft. Maybe because I could never do it. Like brewing good beer. 🙂 This special is my. New favorite. It’s so rawZ and the three mics idea is genius. Neil goes from being the guy Chappelle needed for the Chappelle show, to the guy I need to watch over and over. Be ready to laugh. To cringe. And to hear raw stories of drug use, depression, and a strained family relationship. #Iamgrateful and #Iamthankful for this stuff. Amazing sh*t. Stand. Up. And watch this. Neal Brennan: 3 Mics Full Movie 2017

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