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AG Barr just refuted our President’s claim that there is widespread voting fraud enough to change the outcome of the election.

The man appointed by the President to rubber stamp all of the President’s policies and who has spent his two years doing things like: misrepresenting the Russia investigation (whether you believe the investigation was worth it or not — I do not — he still misrepresented the final report), to giving orders to disperse peaceful demonstrations (most people don’t argue against unlawful or dangerous demonstrations by the way), to stating his own DoJ is being run by inexperienced people.

Well, this man, just said that to date, there isn’t widespread voter fraud enough to change the outcome of the election.

And you know what that means.

Which Trump loyalists will disown Barr, call his credibility into question, and continue believing our President now?.

Disputing Trump, Barr says no widespread election fraud

You can hate Biden. You can detest his policies. (You can’t call him a pedophile, you can, but it’s ridiculous.) But when we lose the ability to anchor on objective truths we lose the ability to do…anything.

It’s amazing what we’ll believe, in order to keep believing what we believe.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for those with the ability to think objectively and critically. No matter how long it takes for them to get there.

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I’m good. I’m truly honestly and undeniably good. But, I wanted to share this because I think it’s the kind of thing that…more folks just need to know, or read, or share. Just because…good doesn’t mean purely good, there’s always an underlying truth. 🙂

Four times. Today. On four distinct, unique, unrelated moments, I’ve had tears stream down my face. Not a tear. Not a couple of tears. Not the kind of tears that are wiped away with the back of one hand swiftly, or hell, even slowly.

DAD | 5-21

Nope. Streams. The kind that form patterns on your face. Where one tear blazes a trail for others to then follow. Drops turn into flow, and it’s the kind of flow so smooth and so steady that even the greatest Nuyoricans would step back and hand you the mic.

That’s my face. But my face and my tearducts are a mere preview, a trailer. of the thoughts and memories. I’m rocking your polo right now. I got angry when something wasn’t in its right place earlier today. I got angry because it wasn’t. I then got mad at myself for being you. I then got sad because there was no (practical or physical) you. I ate eggplant and mushrooms almost as a rejection of your palate.

I struggled at work, really hard today, because I felt like there were objective truths that weren’t being acknowledged. And I found myself having a handful of very productive, unvarnished and fully honest conversations with people that were representative of your spirit (it’s not about me, it’s not about the idea, it’s about your contribution to the bigger, collective idea, that’s what will make the world move forward.)

And then…mom…your wife. 45 minutes between wrapping up dinner with Anu Kiran and Drinda Kay and closing her iPad and heading up to bed with your granddaughter (who still misses you so publicly and so potently), posted this pic.

And it’s just Monday.

And this photo, just says it all.

And you know, it all just sucks.

But we’ll also, just keep moving forward.

That’s, just life.

And I’m good. Just, good. I’m good.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for this polo. I’m going to sleep in it tonight.


I miss you and I love you, and … we’ll keep just doing our best to honor you.

PS – Make that five times. Once while writing this.

Note: I’ve collected all the posts and thoughts I’ve shared about my Daddy’s death in one place. Some people have found it helpful as they’ve navigated through their own experiences, or, as they’ve had to step in to support others. This is one in a series, and you can find the full list of posts here.

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https://www.nytimes.com/…/youre-not-going-to-change… There’s truth.

There’s us believing what we want to believe. And there are people telling us what we want to hear. Truth has a ridiculously uphill battle to fight. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful … that it’s not giving up the fight?


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TRUTH (3 of 3)

Politics is not a zero sum game. In the private sector, it often is. One company’s gains come at another’s losses. There are market sizes and there are market shares. If we treat our politics and the role of the public sector like we do that of the private sector, we will fail. At all of our responsibilities. That’s why in the private sector it really is Android vs iOS. Ford vs Chrysler. Taco Bell vs the World. Because the private sector can make choices about who it serves. The public. The public sector. Our country. Can’t. We have to find ways to serve everyone. To make sure everyone is served. We also have to stop treating our politics like our sports. Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter isn’t Packers vs Falcons. For one to win the other doesn’t have to lose. I can believe, at the same time, that white middle class workers in the rust belt have suffered recently and that inner city Americans have suffered at the hands of failed education investments. I am capable of complex thinking and can hold more than one polarizing, absolutist thought in my head at one time. #Iamgrateful and #Iamthankful that there are three sectors driving America forward. If the public sector is going to step back from prioritizing civil rights, environmentalism, and health care–I know I am alive at a time when the private sector is being judged at tighter 3BL standards than ever before, and one where some of the best innovations are being driven by the nonprofit sector. Government has its checks and balances. That’s one third of what drives us forward. Thanks to everyone who matched yesterday. I cleaned a garage. But I start marching for my friends and family today. Trump is my President. I say it. Even when many of the people asking me to say it never had the decency to say it from 2008-2016. I say it. I acknowledge it. I wish him well and I do believe that in some of the area he is prioritizing, we will see great things happen that other Presidents never had the guts to take on (infrastructure is for EVERY American.) And I will also bring it. Game on folks. You energized? Because the best thing that came out of this election for the people who share my values is a much needed dose of humility followed by inspiration. As opposed to arrogance and condescension followed by apathy. Won’t happen again. Amirite?

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