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Thank you … so much. I have much to be grateful and thankful for. Where we’ve brought Dream Village; and where we’re poised to take it, is one of those things. Special thanks to Soles4Souls and Children’s Cancer Research Fund who have taken an interest in two of our books and whose work we are incredibly excited to support with more vigor and intent going forward.

Have a great Thanksgiving to those in the US; and as I shared with our amazing (diverse, global) team at Crazy Egg … “In the US we hit Thanksgiving (Canada technically celebrated about a month ago). There’s a storied and controversial history to the holiday but the present spirit is still worth celebrating — be thankful, be grateful.

You don’t have to live in North America to celebrate its spirit; and you don’t have to wait, hold, or target solely today to celebrate it either. It’s been a wonderful year in many ways; it’s also had its fair share of challenges. The kind we only get through when we realize how lucky we are, how many people we have to be thankful and grateful for. I count each of you as a bulwark against the downs, and as wind carrying me through all of those highs (which materially outnumber the former).

Enjoy the week. Find your way to pay attention to the things that matter to you.”#iamgrateful and #iamthankful … ’nuff said (RIP Stan Lee).cc Specifically the people who have gone out of their way to make Dream Village, Where Kids Build Better Tomorrows special this year Dion RidleyOliver BruehlAndrew MandelbaumDominic S. GagliardiMeena Mehta Pinki Shah Erin QuinnLeena PatelPriya S. DalalKC Traveler @emily zotto-barnum Rama ChauhanMalika GandhiSwati GandhiAshish N. PatelStephen KellyPeter Fisher

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Sharing a post from a former co-worker who I think the world of. Whether you agree with the politics or not, I think we can universally appreciate the approach. If you are with Jemele Hill, here’s a way you can support her. If you aren’t with Jemele Hill, I know for certain, Kash will welcome the feedback and the debate — in a healthy way.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful that regardless of the spark, there’s more and more informed social commentary and discussion on my FB wall than ever before. We can’t have progress without educated, informed debate. My peers and I didn’t motivate like this (yeah, this is also me shouting out millennials once again.)


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TMLFYI… | Wicker

Wicker 2

“pliable twigs, typically of willow, plaited or woven to make items such as furniture and baskets.”

I haven’t started a blog post off with a definition so I figured I’d go that route. We all know what wicker is, but I’ve never stopped for a second to define it. The plant-based origin makes tremendous sense but I also appreciate wikipedia confirming that we now allow wicker to be made of other materials as well.

It’s definition not withstanding, wicker is also a pretty wicked texture. Discretely there’s a contrast in fibers for those elements woven over and under. Bends, tucks, all side-by-side no matter the direction. As you take a slightly more distanced view, individual waves turn into an undulating sea of consistency. Depending on the piece of furniture, this can go on for what seems to be infinity. I am still captivated by wicker. When I sit in a wicker chair I will repeatedly catch myself running my fingers along the grain enjoying what the rising and fallingWicker of textures feels like against my fingertips. Varying speeds. Varying pressures. Wicker is one of my favorites.

Which is why it was so neat to watch you interact with wicker for the first time yourself. I took so much pleasure in watching you reach for and work with the patterns presented. First under your feet, than as an aspirational lean a bit further ahead, and finally, a forceful grasp at the edge of the table. We didn’t get to spend long immersed in this ebbing and flowing of fibers (at your lovely Neeru Masi’s place, mind you) but for what time we did get, I can tell you, the two of us made the most of it.

In the moment, I enjoyed your reaction to something so utterly simple and yet something so amazingly captivating for me still, to this very day. One of those “simple things” moments that’s so simple you actually Wicker 4forget about it. But as I looked back on these photos and reflected back on the moment, I realized a more powerful layer of pleasure on my end: watching you experience something for the first time. You are my first true world of firsts. And I am committing to immersing myself empathetically in your firsts so I can relive them with you and always find the beauty in those things, in those places, where you find inspiration and beauty.

It’s why wicker has gone from the furniture we use on our patio, to a symbol for how I need and want to be as your father.

In some ways, my time has come and past. The greatest thing I can do for this world is commit to seeing the world through your eyes and supporting you as you make your way. And perhaps the greatest thing I can hope for, is that you see yourself and all of your beauty and potential, through my eyes. Unwavering. Unflinching. Unconditional. But that’s a separate story.

Today we’re talking wicker. All that from wicker. My inspiration to be a better father and person. Now we have this post, and these visuals, to keep me honest if there’s every a question.

Wicker 3



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