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A couple of weeks ago I introduced Anaiya and Jaanu to the idea of flipbooks. We did a basketball bouncing from one end of the page to the other. Then we added clouds. The birds flying across the top and into the distance.

It was garbage.

But it was still fun to watch their eyes light up with the motion that basic 1st grade level animation created.

Storytelling is powerful. If a word is the basic unit of thought, and a picture is 1,000 of those units, well, pictures in motion are some exponential function.

But the narrative that binds them is what makes them meaningful. Those units get worth and value from the context, order, narrative.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful I saw this flip book. It hooks you. It makes you stop. It gives an analogue (matches as dominoes for a spreading virus).

And then the match gets a butt and you’re like “wait wha?”

Still kinda dope:

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The post below. Well it says it all. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the picture below (one of our few believe it or not) and the stories you told and taught. Mom just tried to tell this story a few weeks ago. You’d have laughed at how miserably she failed. Ha! And loved her even more profusely because of it.

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It launched, today. 100% of proceeds are donated to charity.


Have you donated your hair?

Know someone who has?

Do you know someone fighting cancer? Love someone who has?

Do you have a kid in your life who you want to develop empathy and compassion?

Do you know a kid who is already blowing your mind with how they think and what they process?

We wrote this book for you. I assure you, the book will move you. Inspire conversations with those kids in your life. And it will catalyze some powerful next step, some action. Today’s the Day brings together the true stories of three amazing young ladies into one powerful narrative about hair donation.

The story is anchored in a beautiful friendship that will bring you to tears; along the way, your kids will be compelled to talk to you about everything from bullying and absenteeism to hair donation and yes, maybe even pediatric cancer.

100% of our proceeds are donated to relevant causes based on how kids vote on our website.#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for all of your support.

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How do we bottle this up?

I want to feed it to my kids. I want them to grow up, learn, compete, and ball (whatever their form of ball is) like #jalenhurts .

What a game, but wow, what a team. I’ve watched his interview few times already and expect to keep coming back to it. First Oprah. Then Jalen. I’m liking this week for all the positive inspiration is bringing.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for how ‘Bama won so we get this story and lesson out of it. #faithpatches

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When I hear that word, I first think of an old friend’s grandmother from the Philippines. An esteemed woman. The Secretary of Education under Marcos. I believe she was 85 when I met her, and she looked an acted sharper than I do now at 42. I then think of the song by The Kinks, which I only know as the song “Weird Al” Yankovic used to form Yoda. I prefer Weird Al’s version. But after reading this article in The Atlantic, finally getting to it, I have a third definition. Not slave. Though I should think “slave” I won’t. I will think of my own grandmothers. I will think of immigrant sacrifices. I will think of people who are capable of amazing compassion and love when times are rough. Not times…lifetimes. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful to Alex Tizon (RIP) for his final work. Seems fitting. And for his beautiful summary of how to get to the heart of someone’s story. “Somewhere in the tangle of the subject’s burden and the subject’s desire is your story.” Read this. Make it a point.


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