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Ok folks, let’s show the world one of the powerful fo CD’s for good FB can be…I need school breakfast and lunch recipes. What are your go to meals for toddlers up to 4-5 years. Breakfasts are key. Lunches for the 17 month old are clutch. Looking for a most likely impossible convergence of healthy, tasty, easy, with shelf life.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for every suggestion and I promise to consolidate them and share back with everyone.

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Yo. Best Dim Sum for Friday lunch in NYC. Can’t do Queens or Brooklyn. Sorry. Teach me.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the foodies in my life who will make me, my palate, and a friend’s palate happy. Go!

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TMLFYI… | South Indian

So it’s actually dosa. Or as I like to spell it, Dosa. I capitalize because it’s a divine food.

Today, my dear, was your first time going out to dinner. You were spectacular. The rest (Chadhas and Motianis) of us feasted on Dosas (fully varied across the table, from rava to paper, from mysore to plain, from masala inside to masala out.) But we crushed ourselves some Dosas in Edison at the world famous Swagath.

What I love about this whole trip is that throughout her time carrying you, your Mom had one craving on one day — that’s it.

Guess what it was for?

You nailed it. Dosa. Capital D. Don’t worry, you got some with your nightcap I’m sure.


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