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Based on our schedules, it tends to make sense for me to take the kids in the AM most days. So I get the kids up and ready for school M-F (Priya does pickup because, teamwork).

It’s always a hustle. We have it down to a tight routine every am and there’s rarely drama beyond what you’d expect from a 4 and 7 year old going to school. They’re great. And somehow, the routine works.

But I still hate that I have to drive them forward. Get dressed. Brush. Eat. Get ready to leave. It’s just “go” from the moment we wake up.

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So Sundays I just don’t push. (Which is what made last Sunday tough; the leash was as long as a leash could be.)This Sunday morning was perfect. Khan Academy Kids for them, Deacon King Kong for me. And a great slow ramp to the day.

And the three of us just hung together, quietly, hoping to let Momma get a few more minutes of shut eye. Asking questions. Math for Jaanu. Reading comprehension for Anaiya. We were together. Doing our own separate food kinda learning.

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#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for how good they are with their daily routines, for my sanity those days and for what it enables us to do on Sunday mornings. My favorite mornings. Straight into Pancake Breakfasts.

PS: If you want to do something nice for a random person, but this $8 book on Amazon. Mikail is a good dude, a good father, and made some magic happen for a random kid on his FedEx route:


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A friend reached out on messenger yesterday to share some good news: he’s had a dream of teaching a class at his alma mater, and as of today, he confirmed as an adjunct, for a one year class, on corporate real estate asset management. I’m respecting his anonymity. But it made my day because the guy pivoted his career, focused on doing something bigger than himself, set a new goal (professorship) and pursued it vigorously for four years. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for stories like this. They are motivating and inspiring. Humbling and reorienting. Good things happening to good people? I can never hear enough of those stories. Ever. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful too because the second he said “Corporate Real Estate Asset Management” I asked him if he’d use a Wu Tang song to kick off every class (C.R.E.A.M. amirite?)

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What song would break your spirits and have you cry mercy? I woke up to an NPR report this morning that Manuel Noriega had passed away. I’m old enough to remember him playing a starring role opposite Peter Jennings on ABC News. My family ate dinner together every night, from 6-7pm, with the ABC Local and then National News Broadcasts every evening. I realize more and more these days that I learned so much from even the ambient noise the news provided. I also learned that the most important time — quiet time — was from about 6:21-6:25 when they covered the weather forecast. With no internet around, if we missed that forecast, hell broke loose. Nevertheless, I digress. The biggest thing I think of when I think of Noriega is how we broke him with Rock music. Almost 30 years later, I wonder what songs would we be able to use to have our competitors cry uncle these days?


(Note: It’s also hard not to think of what Daryl went through on last season’s walking dead, listening to Easy Street over and over again.)

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for what I hope turns into a discussion around the most torturous songs ever written; knowing full well that my passion for pop of all sorts means that my iTunes playlist is probably torture for the rest of the world.


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