Passed out on the couch at 11 last night. Stumbled my way upstairs only to wake up fully at 3. I snuggled my wife for a bit and then by 3-5 acknowledged slew wasn’t happening so I stopped trying.

Came downstairs. Did 2 hours of work. Then jumped on the treadmill for 6.5 miles. All by 6am.I’ve stopped fighting what my body needs. If it’s telling me to sleep, I sleep. If it’s telling me to get up, I get up.

I’m also trying to translate what my body actually needs from what I want to give it. Like…when am I confusing hunger for thirst?…/hunger-vs-thirst-are…/

I’ll likely take a nap during the day at some point. What I live about the pandemic lifestyle and our global client base and team, is I can always be on. Because someone I work with and support is on somewhere.

The flip side of that is liberating. I use the fact that “I can always be on” as a way to let people know I need to be deliberate about taking space.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for that flexibility and that ability. To take space. And to listen to what my body is telling me more and more.

Instead of resisting, get out your surfboard and saddle, harness, tame and ride those waves. Especially on a snow day when you know the next 16 hours are going to be relentless bandying between work and kids.

Good luck, parents!

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