My Octopus Teacher' Reminds Us About the Beauty of Nature - Bringing you  Truth, Inspiration, Hope.

I am a huge fan of octopuses (< grammatically correct, though “octopi” is so much more fun to say). When Edith Widder and her team talked about finally capturing video of the giant squid, I watched the video over and over again.

Ocotpuses are brilliant; and sensory. And though alien in form are more human / primate in engagement than you’d imagine. Truly brilliant lifeforms.

When I saw this documentary, I had to watch it. Quietly. On my own time. Undistracted. Working through bits of it as life permits.

And it’s been well worth the time to indulge. It’s cinematically beautiful but the story is powerful. I felt more connected to the main characters (octopus, predators, prey) than I did in most movies I’ve watched that are scripted narratives.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for these documentaries and the time and energy and money Netflix and Amazon and all these streaming services put into bringing these to broader audiences. What an incredible film.

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