After being up until 5am on work and life; up at 7am with flower shaped cranberry muffins. Pancakes. Oven baked fried chicken. Homemade disinfecting cleaner. Homemade foaming hand soap. And a splurge on basement and backyard play equipment that should delight the kids and help them through; help them navigate through, all of this. Full house cleaned. A work proposal and a creative piece of content out tomorrow morning faster than I’ve ever seen this stuff turned before. And ready with a schedule and incentives to exercise for the first time in 5 weeks starting tomorrow. Tonight, wrapped up by 830pm.

But the highlight was this scavenger hunt we put together. The kids worked together. Each solved 3 clues. It was fun. And great to see them troubleshoot together.

Going to finish my scheduled work, grab a beer, and should be asleep by midnight. For the night. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful I wanted to make today great and I think we pulled it off. You don’t always have good days so celebrate them when you do. Document them so you remember they’re possible.

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