“Hey Daddy, I had a good day today I think..

It’s been 6 months since you’ve left us. I think we honored your today perhaps better than we ever have. We went out for breakfast. We prioritized family (breakfast, after-dinner). We made time for important, wonderful, old friends (Ami Sanghvi Snehal Patel Mital Sheth Hina Patel Sheth Urvashee Patel @samir patel).

And then we found our way home. To make sure we had ice cream. To make sure we were together. And we stayed up late telling powerful, fun, emotional–a wide range of stories and a wider range of emotions. You’d have loved all of it, and been proud of all we achieved and who we did it for. Life is simple. On a moment by moment basis sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

But in aggregate with the world judging you, you win, when you are supposed to win.

We won today. This bottle. Which I found at a liquor store today.

We won.

The world conspired to get this bottle into our hands and we didn’t waste a moment or a drop of it. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful , and also, #imissyou

We’ll keep sallying forth.

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