Mom. Mumma. My greatest champion from Day 1. The wind beneath my wings. My Captain American Shield when the world was too responsive. My cloak of invisibility when the world was too judgemental.

My Batman utility belt when I was stuck in a jam. My Wonder Woman lasso when I was hiding from the truth. My MK Armor (in all its variations, allowing me to rise and shine, to propel and repel). My Power Ring allowing me incredible strength at times where it didn’t make sense (like a Ryan Renolds movie).

My Lightforce (eff the Darkforce) — cleansing, healing, redeeming.

My Mumma.

I read this post. I see you share this post. And all I wish is that the Marvel and DC Universe’s would unite, bring together all of their super powers, and make one thing happen: the alleviation of your pain. I know it’s not possible. I knew a long time ago that you were the world’s greatest superhero. I know today that you also carry the world’s greatest superpower–the ability to live, to move forward, with grace, without your own Allspark.

And I love you for it. And I am here for you. And you are allowed, all you feel. I can’t take it away.

But #iamgrateful and #iamthankful that you raised me. The rest is all comic book fodder. (Also…Mom you won’t get most of these references so we’ll cover them when I see you this weekend! Love you!)

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