If you or someone you know has any advice or input on the below, I’d love to make an introduction to a friend. DM me or comment below.

I connected with a friend-of-a-friend earlier today who runs an admirable social enterprise that supports students in 150+ schools life a healthy lifestyle.

1) He is looking to talk with people who have significantly scaled operations for a labor-intensive production, to get thoughts on how best to think about culture and organization. People who have scaled from the 50-100 person size to 500 people or so, in any large manufacturing operation, from food, CPG, fashion or other industries.

2) He is looking for people who have knowledge around industrial-size kitchen design.

3) He is trying to find a large space in Manhattan to scale his operation.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for anyone who’s got a lead or may be willing to help (with advice, with introductions, with time, with whatever). DM me or message me below if anything comes to mind.

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