Today was beautiful. Pure love across generations, with Anaiya and Jaan very squarely in the middle. From the moms who raised me even though I wasn’t blood (too many to list), To all my friends who are moms (forthcoming, first time, or on infinite repeat).

To Masi and Masis, Mamis, Fai, Bhuas, Kaki, Chachis, Nani, and Nani, who were here but weren’t “here”.

To Ba, who first taught me how unqualified love should be.

To my Sis, Anu Kiran, who’s a mom in sister’s clothing.

To my Mom, Satinder Chadha, who’s taken me in as a son from day one.

To my Mumma, Renu Bhatt, who’s at the center of all I am.

To my wife, Priya KC Bhatt, who’s at the center of all I want to be.

There’s nothing more profound than these moments. Today was beautiful.

Today was also profoundly different. 2018 and the first part of 2019 will have many of those, profound yet profoundly different moments. It’s nice to have love all around you as the universe insists on moving forward.

For all the rains, there are no dark clouds hanging over us. Just stars, moons, and a profoundly different POV on everything we have going on down here.

Thanks for bringing it all home, Anaiya. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful

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