25 = Terrified

This album is going on, what, 15 months of owning my life? Undulating. It hits me in waves, and when I forget about it, or move onto something else, a song grabs me by the collar and pulls me all the way back. Slaps me in the face. And reminds me I’m not done yet. I missed the Grammy’s but have kicked-off watching discrete performances in spurts since. Who’d I decide to start with?

Terrified. Because, yes.

And the range he pulls off comes as close to reminding that Prince is gone, but with an influence that’s still very much alive. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for some Gambino! And what’s that I’m hearing about a tour?

This song is one of many 25’s on this album. Wonderfully done. Milk this album for all its worth. It’s exceptional.


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