A year ago we sold our place in Jersey City and moved in with one set of our parents in Edison, NJ. It was supposed to be for a short while. A few months. And as we all know, life happens.

Over the course of that year, Satinder Chadha and Daljit Chadha have been nothing short of life savers. We are their kids.

Of course.

Jaan and Anaiya are their grandkids.

Of course.

We know that. And academically, philosophically, hypothetically, we all know that they will always be there, doors, arms, hearts, wide open. But the past year has been anything but academic, philosophical, or hypothetical. We’ve invaded their house and their lives and they’ve gone above and beyond on a minute-by-minute basis to spoil us and their grandkids rotten.

Living space.

Food and nourishment. Laundry. Pick ups and drop offs. Peace of mind. More than anything, peace of mind.

For all the transactional things that saved us time and energy, they bigger picture is peace of mind. All they did for us that can’t be recounted individually can be summed into peace of mind.

Filling every waking moment of our lives with love, support, and all the unsaid, unspoken words and deeds in a way only parents can.

Sure, during work travel and late nights, it was invaluable to have the 24/7 support they provided. But that pales in comparison to where we find ourselves today.

May be an image of 7 people and people smiling

Never more has this support been on fuller display than the past 3 weeks, while I’ve been away. Just this morning, in what’s become routine, Dad is dropping Priya off at the train station only after taking the kids to school; and on the flip side of the day Mom will be there to pick the kids up and bring them home while Priya attends to a late work meeting.

What the hell would we do without them? I have no words. I’ve got nothing but immense gratitude.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for you guys. I know Renu Bhatt and Anu Kiran are. And I know Daddy died feeling at peace knowing your love and guiding hands were on our shoulders at all times.

We’ve been roommates for a year, Mom and Dad. So I guess, happy anniversary? Love ya. 🙂

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