It’s all we have. Dylan Ratigan’s got a great rant about it. I know, because I periodically find myself Googling the idea of inputs vs outputs, and sometimes outputs vs outcomes (but that’s for a different purpose). Controllable inputs. Whether work. Whether family Whether life. It’s easy to get distracted. Something I’ve spent a ton of time on the past few years is focusing on what I can control. And doing my best to collaborate, engage, support, everyone I interact with (personally and professionally) by celebrating the priorities they choose, the actions they pursue, and the effort they put in. When I think of my kids, it’s even more clarifying. I want to focus on what they do, and how they act and operate and think, and not necessarily what they achieve. Because the truth is what you end up achieving is sometimes (and sometimes often) beyond your control — there are external factors that enter the equation of outputs and outcomes. But not … of what you put in. Not of your controllable inputs. So let’s do this. Let’s do this now. Let’s rest and breathe easy and focus on the inputs we control, and commit to making the best of those. Let the world take us where it may. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for all I control, and for the constant daily reminders of the outputs and outcomes I … simply … can’t.

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