What Todd Heap is going through, I can’t fathom. I read his story and got bleary eyed. I simply can’t fathom it. This story, was a nice jolt of feel good good gesturing. The Steelers and the Ravens are, bitter rivals. To hear fans talk about the other team, and the other fans, would make you question and wonder whether NFL Football fandom is healthy. But then you read this article.

And you see how they put aside sporting rivalries when it matters, and how all that competitive spirit is built on a foundation of mutual respect — there’s something nice and redemptive about it. With our increased polarization, and with the echo chambers we can easily find ourselves in, I wonder if we’re getting a little bit worse at respectful rivalries, and respectful discourse. So let’s go ahead and do this for Holly and #HugsforHollyDay.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the simple, pure, classy example set by both Tomlin and Bisciotti. Just good people looking out for good people.


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