I said it about GW when he left office. I’m still looking for that one story I read way back about the way GW treated WH staff, and the way GW built out his Christmas Card list to a scale (of thanks, gratitude and inclusion) never seen before. I now say it about Obama. Not a comment or critique on his Presidency. Just a statement about whether or not he was a good man. I’ll watch and listen as folks say no. Talk about a variety of interpretations of why he wasn’t (funny Politico article today about how Obama should have picked more enemies and been less calm — like an ounce of Obama rage would not have triggered so much backlash and undermined everything he stood for). I spend my life looking for the good in people. When I debate with someone at work, I start with what kind of a son they are, what kind of mom they are, what kind of friend they are. I watched a good man give a speech tonight. (I then quickly went to Fox to watch Hannity polarize the entire conversation and find himself in position to not say one positive thing about the President — which is impossible. Not one thing? Please, stick to your talking points.) I hope, 4 years from now, I’m writing a similar sentiment. About a man’s final days in office. About a man on the cusp of his second term. I hope at the very least I’m saying, “good dude”. #Iamgrateful and #Iamthankful for the “good people” approach to engaging in debate.

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