We. Are all being played. If we comment on Streep and not on Sessions, we are being played. If we take a side on Putin and the 2016 election, without acknowledging he aimed to influence and change public opinion (objectively true) but he didn’t hack votes and thus the electoral process (objectively true), we are being played. If we call what someone writes “fake news” because we disagree with it, we are being played. If we revere Obama, without honestly talking about his calming presence (he was the embodiment of Presidential), his wins (a more inclusive America as it pertains to health, gender, religion, orientation), his losses (a massive and increasing wealth gap gone uncurbed), his obstacles (obstructionism for ideology), we are being played. If we criticize Republicans for going nuclear, without criticizing Democrats for giving them that power and weakening our Democracy, we are being played. My newsfeed makes me sad today. I feel like I am being yelled at in both ears, other ear be d*mned. #Iamgrateful and #Iamthankful I can always hug my kids and hope they will grow up capable of starting with empathy. But most importantly, starting with what is objectively and undeniably true.

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