In honor of Nik Modi: I remember when…this was a dream…now it’s reality. How many people can say that?

People dream every day about waking up and going to bed being the certified, absolute, validated best at what they do. But only one person can actually be it. That’s you.

I still tell perseverance stories about you to folks I work with. It’s not just about working hard and finding internal motivation. It’s about picking your spots. Sometimes knowing your limitations in the short term (what promotions to take and what not to take because of timing.) And then…just being the most charismatic and hardest working person in the room.

Today, Dikki, this is what I am grateful for. This is what I am thankful for. That you got (one of) your dream(s). Nobody deserves it more. #Iamgrateful. #Iamthankful.

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